Bamix SliceSy Food Grater, Chopper and Slicer



Product Description

“This handy attachment works with any Bamix hand blender, turning it into a versatile food processor. It features a chopping blade as well as 3 graters and 2 slicers for results varying from thick to thin. The chopper works great with raw and cooked vegetables, meats as well as fruits and nuts. Perfect for working with onions, cabbage, peppers, apples, pearsetc. The graters and slicers are perfect for leeks, halved or quartered tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, carrots, fruits, cheeseetc. The SliceSy attachment is food safe, odourless and tasteless. About BamixBamix is a Swiss consumer products company known for the introduction of the first immersion blender, beginning in 1954. The name Bamix, is a combination of the French words “”battre”” and “”mixer”” (beat and mix). Bamix, continues to produce a range of immersion blenders for home and professional use. For 60 years the brand has been distinguished by the highest possible quality and durability.”

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