Ctroniq Bond X Smart Band Fitness Tracker – Red




Product Description

Bond X Smart Band a slender, smart fitness and physical activity tracker that introduces a wrist-based heart rate sensor and digital display which allows you to monitor in real-time feedback An advanced Sleep monitor which estimates the various stages of REM cycles during sleep, along with movement throughout the night. It’s slim design enables the user to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Ctroniq’s Bond X has a Pedometer that helps keep track of your daily step count, the Calorie and Blood pressure monitoring capabilities keep you up to speed with your essential fitness metrics. A Sedentary Reminder lets you know when you have gone too far with your idle lifestyle and are in need for some physical activity including going for a run, cycling, jumping rope or as simple as stepping out for a relaxing walk. The Bond X also includes a basic Alarm Clock function. It seamlessly connects to any BT enabled phone via Bluetooth so you may receive Call/SMS/IM chat notifications and stay informed at all times. It has a battery backup that lasts 24 hours and the inbuilt USB charger makes it easy to charge using any USB port available ona device or in a USB wall socket adapter so you can charge your Bond X whether you’re at work or on the go. The Anti-Theft function helps keep track of where the tracker could be in case you’ve misplaced it The Bond X has a gesture control Selfie function whereby you may place at a flattering or functional angle with the camera app activated and simply wave at the phone to take a selfie and wefies.

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