Roccat – Vulcan 120 Aimo RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



Product Description

▪ RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with AIMO intelligent lighting system and per-key illumination ▪ Crisp + tactile inhouse-designed ROCCAT Titan Switches for more speed and excellent typing experience ▪ Grey anodized aluminium plate ▪ Titan Switch is 10% faster* with an optimized 1.8mm actuation point + 3.6mm travel distance ▪ Electrical bounce time reduced by 20%, meaning each keystroke is registered by your computer in just 4ms ▪ Advanced anti-ghosting – NKRO – full n-key rollover means every key stroke registers ▪ Every key is remappable ▪ Easy-Shift[+]™ technology for easy key duplication ▪ 512kb integrated macro & settings memory ▪ 6 programmable macro keys ▪ Volume control + rubber media keys ▪ Magnetic detachable wrist rest The Vulcan is a precision gaming tool that lets you sense its performance from the first glance and the first key stroke. Developed following the renowned principles of German design and engineering, it is the best keyboard ROCCAT has ever built. The Vulcan is the first keyboard to feature ROCCAT-developed Titan Switches. The switches, designed from the ground up, were built for gamers craving a key stroke that was swift and precise while still being tactile. As well as a tactile and silent 1.8mm actuation point with a 3.6mm travel distance, the switches feature structural housing to reduce wobble while being pressed. An anodized aluminum plate reinforces the Vulcan’s structural integrity and protects against wear and tear. The detachable palm rest and low-profile keyboard design improve ergonomics, making it suitable for long periods of game time. Key caps are specially designed for easy maintenance. They match the spacing and surface area of traditional caps but feature a shortened height to make cleaning easy, complementing the Titan Switch’s dust-resistant housing perfectly. The Vulcan provides the best possible platform for the AIMO lighting engine. Each switch features an individually configurable, long-life LED capable of displaying 16.8M colors in a variety of special effects. Transparent switch housing means the multicolor lighting shines impressively and is spread evenly from every key.

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