Tidyard 8PCS Cutting Guide Comb Barbers Hairdressing Tool Set Colorful Limit Comb Set Compatible with WAHL Electric Hair Clipper by Tidyard




Product Description

  • [Secure use] It can be firmly stuck on the blade, so it can be fixed securely when trimming. Each comb is designed to slide on the hair quickly and efficiently.
  • [Compatibility] Compatible with WAHL electric hair clippers.
  • [8-piece combination] The limit comb has 8 color sizes, These include 1⁄16in (1.5mm), 1⁄8in (about 3mm), 3⁄16in (about 4.5mm), 1⁄4in (about 6mm), 3 ⁄8in (10mm), 1⁄2in (13mm), 3⁄4in (19mm), 1in (25mm).
  • [Durable] Made of ABS plastic, strong and durable, easy to install.
  • [Ideal Limiting Comb] It can be easily installed on hair clippers. It is a good choice for trimming hair and beard.

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